Infographic: Youth advocacy program for physical activity and health

The Youth Engagement and Action for Health (YEAH!) project works nationally with African American, American Indian, Latino, Asian, and Pacific Islander lower-income urban/rural middle schoolers to take an in-depth look at their neighborhood’s strengths and weaknesses that are most likely to affect physical activity. Using a group-based program curriculum that is designed to help youth advocate for policy/environmental changes that promote physical activity, youth collect information through small groups and are taught to set priorities for improvements around problems they identify. Youth learn how to communicate with decision-makers and to advocate for the changes needed to advance the walkability, safety, and physical activity options in their communities. This study has significant implications for youth physical activity promotion by demonstrating the ability of Boys and Girls Clubs and other youth-serving organizations to successfully implement a youth advocacy training program that can advance policy, systems, and environment changes, promote positive youth attitudes and beliefs, and increase youth physical activity in these populations.


This infographic highlights how communities can engage and empower youth.

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